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Optimize Customer Experiences at Enterprise Scale

Transform the way you collect, own and act on all your data to more effectively engage your customers everywhere.

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Leverage A Truly Open Platform

The Ensighten Open Marketing Platform was designed from the beginning to embrace everyone, including all third-party marketing vendors and technologies, seamlessly across all channels and devices. Leverage Ensighten’s neutrality to select the best technologies for you and deliver consistent data collection and sharing across your marketing stack. Regain power over your vendors by removing traditional barriers to entry and exit.

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Deliver Across All Digital Marketing Scenarios

Ensighten helps you deliver on your marketing use cases across the entire digital spectrum, from simple tag deployments to advanced analytics, mobile personalization, consumer privacy and more. Breeze through the easy stuff and achieve the seemingly impossible. Manage diverse organizational needs and complexity with ease by leveraging appropriate workflows. Drive enterprise scale at the speed of your consumers.

Gain a Single View of the Customer

Connect the dots to deliver much more relevant experiences. Create omni-channel customer profiles by collecting, unifying and analyzing all online, off-site and offline data. Leverage rich omni-channel customer profiles in real time to drive 1:1 personalization. Connect the dots across the customer journey to eliminate data silos and deliver more relevant experiences.

Own And Control More of Your Data

Gain data ownership over more of your data and control who gets access to it, including vendors and channels. Collect first-party data from traditionally third-party domains, such as display advertising, email and social media. Unify and integrate it with your website, mobile and offline data for seamless sharing with the third-party marketing vendors of your choice.

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Harness the Power of Mobile

Extend blazing marketing agility to your mobile web and native apps, and the Internet of Things. Manage and optimize mobile app experiences in real time, including A/B and multivariate testing, and content swapping. Experience the power of first-ever mobile app optimization that can be achieved in seconds instead of weeks.

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