Robust GDPR Website Compliance in 3 Steps

Robust GDPR Website Compliance in 3 Steps

Easily install and deploy the industry-leading General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) solution across your website.


Real and Far-reaching GDPR Implications

GDPR applies to any business engaging with consumers in the European Union, regardless of the location of the business entity. If you have any 3rd party tags on your website, you are at higher risk of incompliance.

GDPR Compliance in 3 Simple Steps

3 Simple Steps
to Install
and Deploy

30 day risk free trial.
No credit card required.

The Most Cost Effective GDPR Website Compliance Solution

At €490 per month

Website Visitor Experience

  • Greater Trust in the brand for protecting their personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Visit consent notice available in 5 primary European languages.
  • Consent manager for visitors to directly view, change and withdraw consent at any time.

GDPR Compliance Solution


  • Deploy via any TMS with a single line of code that never needs to be changed.
  • Deploy on any size website without impacting latency.


  • Select GDPR compliance level in accordance with risk profile.
  • Select third-party data permissions with Whitelists and Blacklists.
  • Select consumer opt-in/out options by third-party provider.
  • Select supported website languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).


  • Review dashboard highlighting how many visitors have opted-in and -out of each of your marketing technologies.
  • Receive alerts to notify you when new domains appear on your website that require permissioning.
  • Review visitor audit trails, available upon regulatory request.


  • Consult with Customer Support to address questions and resolve issues quickly.
Ensighten Privacy

Full Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Get enterprise-level data governance in addition to GDPR website compliance.

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