Retailers: In the Cybercrime Firing Line

How can retailers secure their websites against a new wave of threats while still gaining valuable customer insights?

Retailers and ecommerce organizations are responsible for handling a wealth of customer data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This access to customer data makes retailers one of the biggest target groups for cybercriminals

Retail data breaches saw a massive spike in 2018, with 50 percent of retailers reporting incidents in the past year alone – up from 19 percent the previous year. These figures make retail the second most breached market segment, only slightly behind the U.S. federal government.

Retailers have historically prioritized the security of the data sitting on their internal systems and networks. But as cyberthreats have evolved – and criminals have diversified their attack methods – online merchants now recognize a need for a new approach to protecting customer data and enhancing their website security. As incidents of web-based attacks like formjacking and cryptojacking grow at an alarming rate, they need to be countered to by specific cybersecurity solutions.

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  • The latest, diversified web-based attack methods
  • Specific cybersecurity solutions against attacks like formjacking and cryptojacking
  • A new way to approach website security

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