Ensighten Privacy GDPR Training

Watch these short videos to learn how to install Ensighten Privacy GDPR, configure protection levels, manage domains, set-up notifications, customize language settings and maintenance best practices. This course will show you how quickly you can get up and running with Ensighten Privacy GDPR. Total length: 15:05.

1. GDPR Installation

Learn how to install, test and verify Ensighten Privacy GDPR on your website.

2. GDPR Protection Levels

Learn about the available protection levels, the specifics of each level and which level is best for you.

3. GDPR Domain Management

Learn how to create, configure and manage domain lists so that domains and technologies are allowed to operate normally or will be blocked.

4. GDPR Notifications

A review of the notification setup, what each part means, and the configuration that will allow you to get the most out of the automated monitoring.

5. Languages

A review of the language setup and how visitors will see the privacy notice upon visiting your website.

6. Maintenance

How to properly maintain your implementation and how to keep the account up to date.

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