Ensighten Privacy Training

Watch these short Ensighten Privacy videos to learn how to setup audits, privacy gateways, gateway settings, list management, environments, user consent, translations, data governance, notifications and the copy manager. This course will show you how you can get up and running with Ensighten Privacy in just over 30 minutes. Total length: 36:27.

1. Audits

A review of the audits section, what the audits are and what you need to do to start your first audit.


2. Gateways

A review of the privacy gateways, how to set them up, test and deploy the gateway to your website.


3. Settings

A review of the privacy gateway settings and what each setting means.


4. List Manager

A review of the list manager and the steps required to add and categorize a domain.


5. Environments

A review of gateway environment settings and how to configure each one.


6. User Consent

A review of user consent and what each part means for the configuration.


7. Translations

A review of translation settings and how to configure the text that is shown to the website visitor.


8. Data Governance

A review of data governance and how to keep sensitive data from being sent to unauthorized technologies.


9. Notifications

A review of the notifications setup, what each part means and the configuration that will allow you to get the most out of automated monitoring.


10. Copy Manager

Review the copy manager and the different configurations it gives you to copy your configurations from one gateway to another.


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