1. Introduction

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Lesson Overview

This comprehensive course covers everything you will need to become a Manage power user - from deploying tags, data layers and event tracking to organizing your TMS strategy and properly QA and troubleshoot.

Learners should have a basic grasp of client-side web technologies.


Welcome to the Ensighten Manage Training Series. I'm Randy, and I'll be your guide through these videos. In this introductory video I'll briefly cover the broad goals of the training series as a whole as well as some helpful resources and information that will carry you along the series going forward. First off, you'll find on the screen here and in the sidebar of the page a few helpful links. The first three are the sites you'll be using or viewing regularly throughout the training. The manage login brings you to the login portal for your manage account. Demonstration website links will be used throughout training and can be viewed and reviewed at any time for an example of what an implementation might look like. I encourage you to follow along with me in the videos as I create the necessary elements of an implementation so that you'll have tangible examples when you're done.

Finally, the recommended tools link will send you to a page with tools that we, at Ensighten, have found beneficial for ourselves and our clients. You certainly don't need all of them, but if something sounds like it may be helpful, I encourage you to grab it. Ideally, you will at least add the Ensighten Developer Tools to your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser as you'll see it repeatedly throughout this training. Secondly, I'd like to lead into this series stating it would be beneficial if you were comfortable with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. At least reading them, but preferably writing them as well. While it's not mandatory to create good or complete tags, familiarity with these three languages goes a long way and saves both time and headaches in the future. To a lesser but still helpful degree, JSON and Regex or Regular Expressions are frequently used in many of our client accounts and will be referenced in future videos. For some larger custom implementations, JavaScript in particular, is critical to success. There are plenty of resources across the web to help you pick these up and add them to your skillset. We'll discuss reliance on these languages more as we get into further videos.

Finally, I'd like to mention that we do offer a certification through an online exam. If you're interested, I encourage you to email us at training@ensighten.com once you're feeling confident about the knowledge gained through this video series. That's all for this introductory video. Be sure to grab the Ensighten Developer Tools plugin and any others that seem helpful before moving on, and I'll see you in the next video.