Ensighten Manage Technical Training

This comprehensive course covers everything you will need to become a Manage power user - from deploying tags, data layers and event tracking to organizing your TMS strategy and properly QA and troubleshoot. Learners should have a basic grasp of client-side web technologies. Total length: 5 hours, 20 minutes + hands-on exercises

1. Introduction


Manage Login
Retail Learning Website (Prod)
Retail Learning Website (Dev)
Recommended Tools


2.) Installing Ensighten


3.) Manage UI Tour


4.) Web Beacons & Cookies


5.) Technology Deep Dive


6.) Space & Bootstrap Architecture


7.) Conditions


8.) Tags & Tag Creation


9.) Data Layers


10.) Data Definitions


11.) Custom & Generic Tags


12.) Reformatting Vendor Code


13.) Event Tracking


14.) Tag Layering Design Strategy


15.) Advanced Implementation Scenarios


16.) Debug & QA


17.) Reporting & Account Admin




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Ensighten uses a three-step approach to enablement: learn by watching our training videos, apply by completing hands-on exercises and connect with Ensighten experts to get your questions answered. Our enablement team can be reached at training@ensighten.com.