Website Security Threat Intelligence

As the leader in client-side website security, Ensighten’s visibility into existing and emerging attack methods and techniques is unmatched within the industry

Threat intelligence underpins our comprehensive security platform with automated analysis specifically focused on client-side attacks, enabling adaptive tuning of rules and configuration. The Ensighten technology gives organizations the ability to bolster their security stance against not only current, but emerging threats.

Threat intelligence is the process of monitoring for and understanding threats that have, are currently or will in the future target an organization. Threat intelligence is an essential component of any security technology, underpinning the solutions capability to evolve in what is a rapidly evolving cyberattack landscape.

Ensighten Threat Intelligence Highlights

Data analysis specifically focused on client-side attacks
Ensighten monitors hundreds of terabytes of web traffic data each week to identify existing and new client-side attack methodologies
Security-focused research team
Ensighten maintains a dedicated team of engineers and analysts specifically focused on client-side security threat research and development
Compliance derived benefits
Ensighten uses security threat intelligence to bolster the platforms compliance and consent capabilities, especially regarding third parties and the website supply chain
Automated adaptive tuning
Ensighten’s technology and rule base is constantly adapted based on data analysis, automated discovery and manual research
Integrated feeds and knowledge sources
Ensighten utilizes industry security feeds and data sources to complement existing threat intelligence to ensure customers get the most comprehensive coverage
Trusted protection
Ensighten’s technology is integral to the delivery of billions of page views globally and is trusted to protect some of the largest brands in the world

Website protection without threat intelligence is just another JavaScript library 

Not all security solutions are created equal and there are many providers who have simply pulled together some code based on known methodologies and labeled them as security products. The challenge is that the threat landscape is ever-changing with attackers adapting constantly – what works at protecting a website today, may not tomorrow.

The reality is that the code which performs the control within a web page is only half of the story – that code needs to be driven by an engine that is constantly tuned and maintained. Ensighten’s solution is backed by a cloud-first, scalable platform that heavily utilizes threat intelligence to automatically adapt to the changing attack methods.


Client-side focus 

Ensighten security threat intelligence is different to other threat intelligence tools and solutions, as it is focused specifically on client-side threats and attacks. Most organizations that analyze traffic for risk anomalies do so at the perimeter, looking for potentially malicious content flowing between the server and the user. The challenge is that while this analysis is valuable, malicious traffic does not flow to the origin with many skimming attacks.

Ensighten utilizes the same sensors that remediate skimming attacks to look for and discover new attack methods by having them feed data back for analysis. This data is only available to security technologies that have client-side capabilities – that is, code running in the browser along with the website.

Threat research team

Ensighten’s team of engineers, researchers and field specialists focus on monitoring the current attack landscape to discover new threats and approaches. Information obtained from request data analysis, industry security feeds, dark web research and manual forensics culminate to feed into the configuration, capabilities and features of the MarSec™ platform.

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