Tag Management 101

What is Tag Management?

A tag management solution boosts marketing ROI. Even if you focus on tag management basics, you’ll see significant lifts in revenue and cost savings.

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Why Enterprise Tag Management?

There are over 5,000 digital technologies available to marketers to help them deliver digital experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and revenue. But increased technology adoption bogs down the ROI of those technologies by slowing page performance, slowing internal processes that require hard coding by IT, and increasing the difficulty of scaling across large environments.

A tag management solution eliminates these issues and gives marketers the power to execute on their initiatives.

Marketing Technology Landscape from Chiefmartec.com

“65 tags in less than one day with complete validation and QA.”


Faster Implementation Time

By eliminating reliance on IT development cycles, Ensighten Enterprise Tag Management (ETMS) makes implementing new technologies considerably faster and boosts marketing agility. Tag management lets marketers quickly try or swap in new technologies, while eliminating time and costs incurred by manually hard-coding marketing technologies.

Reduced IT Dependence

Ensighten ETMS gives marketers an intuitive UI for easily deploying and managing tags. This puts marketing, not IT, in the drivers seat and enables marketers to respond to campaigns in real time.

“Before Ensighten, we had a fragmented tag implementation, which suspended our marketing programs. Ensighten changed everything and we now have eight digit ROI from our marketing programs. Being agile changed everything.”

United Airlines

“We were able to run hundreds of tests more effectively and optimize for performance and cost.”


faster page load

Ensighten’s ETMS unique Hybrid-Tagging™ architecture does the heavy lifting in the cloud and minimizes data and tag code that gets pushed to the client, rapidly speeding up page load.

Unified Technology Scalability

Ensighten ETMS unifies and standardizes visitor data across multiple sites, domains, and all channels, including mobile devices, ATMs, kiosks, game consoles, and more.

“Before Ensighten, we had disjointed data collection. After Ensighten, all data was centralized and gave us a 360-degree view of the customer.”

United Airlines

“With Ensighten we’ve been able to manage the logic of when tags fire, which has lightened up the pages quite a bit.”


Better Analytics

Without tag management, the marketer cannot control when an analytics tag fires, and the visitor often moves to another page without analytics tracking the visit at all. Ensighten controls exactly when tags fire and ensures all analytics data is accurately collected.

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