Control Third-Party Website Component Security

Gain visibility and control over the third-party services and supply chain of your website

Today’s websites are rich and immersive, combining content with a myriad of third-party services. But while these services usher in boundless capabilities and experience enhancements, they also increase the attack surface substantially.

Most website protection solutions work at the origin but with cybercriminals focusing on exploiting the browser, they are quickly revealing inadequacies. Ensighten is different – our technology delivers cutting-edge client-side security driven by intelligent analysis to prevent modern attacks. 

Solution highlights

Client-side code injection mitigation
Prevents data being stolen from a web page through client-side attacks, such as online skimming, formjacking and other code injection methods
Intelligent analysis
Identifies specific types of data, such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, and prevents transmission to unknown or unauthorized parties
Performant and lightweight
SaaS-delivered technology from highly scalable cloud infrastructure protects your website while maintaining the very best user experience
Third-party service visibility
Provides visibility into how and what third-party services are accessing a website and where that data is being sent
Modern  filtering
Stops emerging data theft methods, including mutating resources, image injection and form replacement
Comprehensive user interface
Allows easy configuration, rapid onboarding and low-maintenance protection
Supply chain visibility
Extends visibility beyond immediate third parties to include any fourth, fifth or beyond parties which are subsequently connected
Real-time analytics and reporting
Monitors all client-side website activity and provides visibility into theft attempts, alerting you to potential issues

Comprehensive website protection

Attackers look for weaknesses in supply chain technologies to infiltrate your website without even having to breach your servers. Ensighten provides the a complete client-side website security solution to protect against a variety of attacks:

JavaScript injection
Third-party vendor exploitation
CSS injection
Client-side keylogging
Web skimming
Tag piggybacking

How we compare 



Other supply chain protection solutions  

Client-side injection mitigation

Prevents data theft through client-side attacks, such as online skimming, formjacking, cross-site scripting, CSS injection and more 



Compliance-focused client-side security 

Provides security technology, which is built with compliance in mind and designed for legislation such as CCPA and GDPR



Agentless client-side website PII protection 

Provides client-side website security without the need for users to install any form of software on their endpoints 



Network whitelisting   
Prevents data from being transmitted from a web page to remote locations other than those specifically defined in a whitelist 



Full event-loop reporting   
Provides comprehensive reporting regarding client-side data access, including attempted and mitigated theft



Simple setup and configuration   
Allows organizations to configure the solution simply by keeping configuration requirements to a minimum but still delivering a secure application 



Performant-focused solution 
Ensures that website performance is not affected by the implementation of an additional security layer 




The risk of third-party JavaScript

In order to deliver today’s rich modern sites, organizations utilize third-party JavaScript to enable components such as virtual bots, shopping carts, credit card processing and more.   

When a website is accessed by a user, their browser fetches content from the organization’s web servers, known as first-party content, along with content from numerous other online locations, known as third-party content. To the browser, however, all content is treated equally – regardless of whether it is first or third party. That is, any code can read any data, irrespective of where the code or data originated. While you may invest in significant efforts to secure your own infrastructure, if an attacker is able to breach one of the third-party libraries, then they are able to steal customer data as they interact with your website. 

Third-party exploitation resulting in high-profile breaches

Some of the most high-profile data breaches have taken place when organizations have failed to secure their third-party applications and systems. These unsecured weak areas have enabled cybercriminals to take advantage and exploit customer data. 

Many businesses have no idea as to exactly which third-party technologies are operating on their website – and more importantly – where customer data is being collected and sent. This lack of visibility and understanding around these blind spots is the cause of many high-profile data breaches. 

Controlling supply chain technologies 

With the average website being a complex myriad of first-, third- and even fourth- and fifth-party content, the attack surface is enormous. And while most organizations invest significant resources in protecting their origin, where the website is viewed, the browser, is usually overlooked.

Ensighten is the only compliance-focused client-side security technology designed specifically to prevent PII data theft. 

Prevent supply chain data leakage

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