Prevent Client-Side Website Attacks and Magecart Data Leakage

Protect customer data from accidental leakage, malicious theft and cyberthreats such as formjacking, web skimming and tag piggybacking

The cybercrime threat; you may think your website is secure, but can you say the same about your supply chain?

Third-party technologies such as ads, analytics, trackers and social media buttons provide great functionality for your website and are important marketing tools. These technologies also present enormous data security risks, giving cybercriminals the ability to access your customers’ personal and payment card data through unsecured third-party integrations.

The ability to manage third-party technologies will enable website cybersecurity against malicious JavaScript injection and ensure the safety of your customer data.

Types of attacks

One of the fastest-growing methods of cyberattacks, where criminals inject malicious JavaScript code onto the checkout pages of Ecommerce and retail websites to steal shoppers’ payment card details
Magecart attacks
Infamous hacker group Magecart utilizes third-party vulnerabilities to steal customer data from some of the world’s largest organizations - for example, compromising a chatbot from a customer support company to install a digital credit card skimmer on a website
Tag piggybacking
Tag piggybacking is when one marketing tag triggers another. This can lead to dozens or even hundreds of additional tags being launched without the website owner’s knowledge; causing data security and privacy issues, as well as impacting website performance

Solution: Website Security

Ensighten’s Website Security (MarSec™) solution protects your website against malicious JavaScript injection and unauthorized data collection through your third-party website technologies by using the following functionality:

Real-time website monitoring
Monitoring of all network requests coming into the website or out of the website to detect potential malicious threats
Automated website privacy audit and alerts
Detect risks to your organizations data privacy rules - website scanning will check for unapproved technologies that may have access to your customer data
Masking of sensitive data
Determine unique data patterns to prevent sensitive data being exposed within the URL and passed to unauthorized third-party technologies
Allow and block third-party technologies
Define permissions for approved third-party vendors you choose to allow to access data or block from receiving any of specific types of data
Privacy gateways
Block unknown and unwanted website trackers, technologies and tags from firing on site and collecting sensitive customer data
Blocking of unauthorized network calls
Block Magecart style attacks, CSS hacks, man-in-the-browser attacks to protect end users and stop data leakage

Website supply chain attacks have increased by 78 percent

More than 4,800 websites are hit by formjacking attacks each month

More than half of companies do not know if their vendor safeguards are enough to prevent a breach

Prevent website data leakage

The rise in Magecart attacks and data leakage highlights the importance of protecting customer data as it is input into the website. If you are collecting sensitive customer data without website security controls in place, you are at risk. Get in contact to learn more about how you can prevent a data breach