Drive 1:1 Personalization Using Real-Time Omni-Channel Data

Deliver personalized experiences across channels and devices based on data from on-site, off-site, display, CRM, email, pixel and even offline data, all in real time.

Ensighten 1:1 Personalization Technology

Deliver On-site Personalization Based on Offsite Ad Behavior

Use Ensighten to collect first-party, off-site ad view and click data to personalize offers and content once visitors arrive on-site.

Ensighten Pulse - Use Tracking Pixels to collect Omni-Channel Data

Deliver Contextual Personalization

Create customer experiences based on recent and past behavior, as well as immediate intent, in order to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction across channels and devices.

Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with Conditional Tracking Pixels

Deliver Visitor Privacy Compliance and Enforcement

Comply with various global privacy policies and regulations and support user preferences around the types of data collected at an individual level. Establish a firewall for the browser that protects a visitor’s PII information and enables categorized whitelist enforcement for enterprises to meet user privacy laws in any country at scale.

Privacy Consent Interface

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