Empower Marketing and Retain Full Control

Enable marketing teams to execute initiatives on their own, while retaining full control of production and other mission-critical environments.

Why Ensighten Tag Management for IT

Share and Delegate Workflows

Eliminate tagging errors by staying in control. Customize workspaces, roles and granular permissions for any publishing workflow involving internal and external teams.

Share & Delegate Tag Management Workflows across Distributed Teams with Ensighten Manage Spaces

Deploy with a Single Line of Code

Implement tag management with a single line of code in any environment, from web and mobile sites to mobile apps, kiosks, ATMs and game consoles.

Enlighten single line of code

Eliminate Mobile App Dev Cycles

Load any tag with Ensighten’s fully dynamic tag management system, a no-SDK approach to mobile app tagging giving you remarkable speed and flexibility.

Gain Omni-Channel Insight and In-App Analytics with Mobile App Tagging

"We were able to run hundreds of tests more effectively and optimize for performance and cost."

Enhance Page Performance

Monitor the performance and load times of your site to ensure that tagging will not slow things down. Identify slow-to-load elements and proactively resolve performance issues.

Deploy Personalization without Flicker

Avoid content flickering caused by traditional methods of personalization. Leverage innovative and faster resource loading to deliver a much improved user experience.

Content Injunction - Enrich 1:1 Marketing with Omni-Channel Data with Ensighten Data Layers

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