Fuel Better Omni-Channel Experiences and Improve ROAS

Get more out of your advertising spend and overall marketing through integrated customer acquisition, conversion and retention technologies and campaigns. With Ensighten, marketing teams feed 360-degree customer data into every digital touch point and increase operational efficiency in the process.

Ensighten Solutions for Executives

Deliver Across All Digital Marketing Scenarios

Breakdown data silos to integrate marketing technologies, mobile personalization, consumer privacy and much more. Drive enterprise scale at the speed of your consumers. Ensighten increases your ROI by 525%, according to Forrester, on the entire spectrum of digital marketing use cases.

Ensighten Delivers 525% ROI

“Using Ensighten, we can have first-party cookies collect interactions with United content, and we can use this information to optimize the digital experience and provide customized content to the customer.”

Gain a Single View of the Customer

Connect the dots across the customer journey to deliver much more relevant experiences. Create omni-channel customer profiles by collecting, unifying and analyzing all online and offline customer data. Leverage the omni-channel customer profiles in real time to deliver more relevant 1:1 messages.

Own More of Your Data

Take back full control of all your data across all vendors and channels. Collect first-party data from traditionally third-party domains, such as display advertising, email and social media. Unify and integrate it with your website, mobile and offline data for seamless sharing with the third-party marketing vendors of your choice.

Deliver Across All Scenarios

“We were able to run hundreds of tests more effectively and optimize for performance and cost.”


Accelerate Digital Marketing Success

Empower your marketing team to implement and optimize analytics, personalization, data management and other initiatives on their own, without relying on IT development cycles. Reduce execution times drastically, in some cases from months to minutes, and leave your competition behind.

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