Data Management

Collect, Own & Take Action on Customer Data

Collect user-level data and act on customer intent in real time, then own the data in omni-channel profiles for future action.

Customer Data Management & Marketing Tagging

Activate Data in Real Time

Remove the data silos from third-party marketing solutions in order to seamlessly share and leverage data. Ensighten’s proprietary technology standardizes omni-channel data in the web client in support of real-time personalization, advanced analytics and more.


Eliminate Data Silos

Own the Data

Ensighten enables you to own your data as first-party data that is collected across all your omni-channel touch points. And you can keep your data even when switching web analytics or marketing vendors.


Collect Off-Site First-Party Data with Simple Pixels

Track off-site display ad impressions, email opens, affiliate sites, social networks and more with robust pixel management technology. Own the information as first-party data.

“Using Activate, we can have first-party cookies collect interactions with United content, and we can use this information to optimize the digital experience and provide customized content to the customer.”

United Airlines

Leverage Calculated Attributes with Ensighten ETMS

Enrich personalization systems with visitor-level behavior and profile data for real-time segmentation and action through a visual, marketing-friendly interface.

Enhance your testing and content targeting solution

Unify Your Data for a Single View of the Customer

Import POS, CRM, call center and other offline data using streamlined capabilities, then stitch to onsite and offsite profiles at the individual visitor level.

Persistent Customer Profiles
How to Take Action on the Customer Journey
How to collect, stitch and act on data to drive results.
The Power of 1st-Party Data
Are your advertising dollars being well spent? Learn how to use smart first-party data collection to optimize large ad spends.
Driving Value from Digital Advertising
How can a tag management system fuel your DMP investment?
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