Turn Insights Into Action

Drive better decision-making, streamline your digital marketing activities and perform advanced multichannel analytics. With Ensighten, you can gain a holistic view of your customers based on deep insight into cross-channel behavioral data.

Install Ensighten Analytics Easily Without Complicated IT Support

Drive Better Decision-Making

Using multichannel data to unlock new opportunities requires looking at data in a new way. With Ensighten universal reporting and analytics, you can bring together granular data from all Ensighten products. Bringing together data from onsite, offsite, mobile app and offline data allows for data-driven, customer-focused marketing decisions.

"Ensighten lets us gather the data we need to respond in real time and to build behavioral models."

"Ensighten is enabling us to pull everything together (1.5M+ webpages) and deploy the consistent standards and tracking that are critical for optimizing the consumer experience."

Gain Real-Time Analytics Agility

Use intuitive tag deployment apps with a point-and-click interface to make accessing your data fast and simple. Built-in analytics and reporting give you the ability to build custom reports on the fly for your unique business needs. Enable analysts to develop and maintain analytics on their own, eliminating IT dependency and costly development delays.

Gain Multichannel Insights

Create custom reporting across a myriad of enterprise data sources to gain holistic insights. Apply advanced analytics and statistical modeling to these unified data sets to forecast future outcomes, uncover new trends and identify hidden correlations.

Hear from Coca-Cola

Cross-Channel Data Connectors

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