Block ad injection and adware to win back lost revenue

Stop your competitors from stealing your customers and revenue by blocking unauthorized ads and adware on your website

What is ad injection?

Ad injection is a rapidly growing problem where customers are targeted with unauthorized ads which plague the online user experience with product ads, pop-ups, banners and in-text redirects, disrupting their experience and driving them to competitor or malicious websites.

Not only does this create a frustrating experience for your customers, but you could lose valuable business to other companies – without realizing it is even happening. 

It’s estimated that today up to a quarter of online visits are being affected by ad injection – will your business be next?

How does ad injection work?

Unwanted software such as adware is injected into your website visitors’ browser without their permission. It then targets them with advertising to encourage traffic to an unauthorized source; thus potentially driving your customers to your competitors' website and decreasing your conversion rates and revenue. This type of attack happens on the client side; meaning you have no visibility into what’s happening as a website owner and are likely to be unaware of how and when this is happening, along with just how much it is affecting you.

Ad injection damages your organization and revenue. Its aim is to re-direct your customers to other brands, resulting in abandoned shopping carts and lost revenue. It also provides a frustrating online experience for your customers which can negatively affect your reputation, with any inappropriate content causing further long-term brand damage.

The adware and malware resides on the client side – on the user’s browser or device. Therefore, traditional server-side security solutions lack visibility and control over this growing problem.

What’s the solution?

Ensighten’s ad injection prevention solution detects and blocks unauthorized advertising injected into web visitor sessions, stopping your customers from being diverted to competing or malicious pages and websites. Our solution will enable you to:

  • Win back stolen online revenue
  • Protect and optimize online customer experience 
  • Increase and optimize conversion rates
  • Gain full visibility into potential threats on your website
  • Block ad injection, adware and malware

Win back lost revenue and increase customer conversion rates

Our ad injection tool provides full visibility into any potential treats or hijacked sessions, and can be easily integrated with your existing software toolset. 

15-25 percent of all user web sessions are exposed to unauthorized ads

In 40-70 percent of the cases, the ads feature promotions or products that divert customers to competitors

Infections increase during peak shopping seasons such as during the holidays

Ad injection is estimated to cost businesses between 2-5 percent in annual revenue

See how much stolen online revenue you can win back

By eliminating unauthorized ads and invasive content from disrupting your customers' journey, our ad injection prevention solution consistently increases conversion rates and revenue. See how much revenue you would win back by blocking unauthorized product and promotional ads
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