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Ensighten Website Security

Third-party suppliers increase the functionality and customer experience on your website, but also leave your business extremely vulnerable to malicious JavaScript code designed to steal sensitive customer data. Take back control of your website supply chain to avoid falling victim of a damaging data breach


Ensighten Manage

Our tag management solution makes it possible to fully control the deployment and optimization of your marketing technologies so you can execute any marketing initiative, quickly deploy, conditionally load and enrich any tag — from simple conversion pixels to complex analytics and personalization


Ensighten Ad Injection Prevention

Ad injection is a rapidly growing problem where online visitors are targeted with unauthorized ads which plague their online experience and drives them to competitor or malicious websites. Win back stolen revenue by blocking adware and malware on your website


Ensighten Mobile

Ensighten Mobile is a tag management platform designed to deliver the flexibility of web tag management to your native mobile apps. Through the platform, you can deploy JavaScript version of third-party technologies within mobile apps in real time – without the need for integrating an SDK


Ensighten Privacy GDPR

Ensighten’s patented technology is the only turn-key solution that allows you to comply with the GDPR and other data privacy regulations, stop unauthorized data collection and audit your data collection points