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Major organizations across industries have fallen victim to client-side web security attacks, such as web skimming. Weaknesses in the web supply chain allow hackers to inject malicious code into legitimate runtime services. According to Gartner, "one of the most common web supply chain threats, Magecart web skimming, has compromised more than 2 million websites and affected more than 18,000 web applications."

Here is how it happens: When a customer arrives at your website, dozens of other domains are alerted to their visit. As the customer searches for a particular product or service, even more third parties are notified. When payment or personal information is entered, dozens of domains may be able to capture the data. The real-time nature of this threat can make it difficult to detect and defeat.

The Ensighten Website Vulnerability Risk Assessment report is created without any input from you, other than a page to examine. In a similar way to search engine spiders and web indexing tools, Ensighten will examine your critical web pages without impacting performance and show the domains and remote locations that can access a user's browser and data when they visit your site.

The assessment report will provide significant value in understanding the risks inherent in your site and web supply chain. Complete the form to generate your complimentary report.


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