Free Client-Side Website Data Breach Risk Assessment

Check your customer data exposure and data leakage vulnerabilities

Data protection is a growing concern within businesses and the website is often overlooked

The customer data collected on your website is often vulnerable to leakage, either through malicious means or accidental. Third-party technologies can pose a threat to your data, leaving them subject to piggybacking or malicious JavaScript injection, which can leak data to unapproved parties.

Our free website vulnerability risk assessment, does not require any input from yourself, all the information we will present back to you is readily available to us through looking at your website. From here we will show you the areas where you could be at risk and advise on how you can secure these areas to protect against a data breach.

Request a website risk assessment to receive a review of the potential exposure to your website supply chain based on a communication analysis of third parties present on critical pages.


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