Ensighten Pulse

Control Your Data Destiny

Ensighten Pulse is the only solution that enables global brands to get a real-time copy of every customer interaction and every digital ad impression that they own.

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Collect Data From All Touch Points

Through a programmable pixel, Ensighten allows for the collection of first-party data from key offsite and onsite sources, including digital advertising, online videos, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and more. Use this data to power personalization, attribution and other mission-critical use cases.

Fuel First-Visit Personalization & More

The customer journey does not start when visitors get to your site. It starts way before, via interaction with digital advertising, online videos and other key touch points. By capturing this data you can serve more relevant content and promotions to increase engagement, conversions and many other call to actions.

Improve Ad Effectiveness

Make advertising dollars go further by controlling ad delivery of campaigns, tactics, channels, and vendors. Minimize ad waste, target interested customers, reallocate ads on the fly so hand raisers, record all channel performance across channels and retrieve people-based ad data for media mix modeling.

Enhance Attribution Insights

Optimize your marketing spend to determine which programs and campaigns are yielding the highest ROI. Configure your first-party pixels across onsite, offsite and mobile devices to gain critical insights and analysis.

Improve Customer Journey Insight

Create a complete view of your customers and key segments by collecting data across all channels and devices with a configurable pixel that can be deployed in offsite and onsite ads, emails, videos, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and more. Deliver data to key analytics and BI systems to improve the speed and quality of business decisions.

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