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Gain consumer trust and regulatory compliance through MarSec™; industry leading data privacy and data governance

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Why Ensighten for Your Website Data Privacy and Protection?

Website Data Privacy Protection

  • True Total Enforcement

    True Total Enforcement

    A TMS-agnostic approach gives you complete control of your vendors and data regardless of changes to your martech stack or how third-party tags are deployed.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Data Loss Prevention

    Stop data leaks by eliminating the “piggybacking” of unauthorized tags. It sounds easy to do, but only Ensighten’s unique architecture can enforce it.

  • Automatic Risk Alerts

    Automated Risk Alerts

    Minimize your risk with automated website and domain privacy audits that alert you to potential data leaks and compliance vulnerabilities.

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Ensighten Privacy Solutions



Robust data privacy and compliance for sophisticated enterprises. Complies with the latest GDPR and ePrivacy data collection provisions, and offers complete data governance.



Streamlined GDPR website data collection compliance for companies of all sizes. Easily deploy and integrate a consumer consent and enforcement experience.

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

The regional regulatory environment is increasingly complex and with ever-increasing penalties for infringement. Simplify your GDPR and ePrivacy website data collection compliance by managing it all from one central place.

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