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Fuel Your Marketing with Persistent, First-Party Customer Profiles

Create, manage and own holistic customer profiles that can be used to drive insight and action across your existing marketing technologies.

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Unify Siloed Data

Collect online and offline first party data and store in persistent profiles to enable segmentation, targeting and personalization. Gain complete ownership of your customer data that can be accessed in real-time and delivered to key action systems and marketing technologies.

Single View of the Customer

Stitch anonymous and various known profiles together to create a single view of your customers to improve segmentation, targeting and analysis. Export omni-channel customer data to existing analytics and business intelligence (BI) systems to enhance the value and quality of analytics and reporting.




Real-Time Action

Access data and first-party customer profiles in real time and distribute them to key action systems and marketing technologies. Segment and target based on profile data, as well as historical and up-to-the-second behaviors, to improve the customer experience and drive conversion.

Integrate Data From All Customer Touch Points

Collect and integrate customer data from your web and mobile channels, as well as offsite sources, such as digital advertising, online video, Internet of Things (IoT) and more. Additionally, integrate offline sources such as CRM and point of sale (POS) data to inform a more holistic customer journey.

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