Protect customer data from data leakage through website security

Cybersecurity has become something no business can ignore. Any organization which gathers or holds personal data from its customers via their website should know the importance of safe-guarding this information through data security systems. The damage a brand experiences from a data breach is irreparable and will have both immediate consequences and well as a long-term impact on a business

Protect your customers’ PII from website attacks and data leakage using data security software

Third-party technologies can pose a huge threat to your site’s cybersecurity. These tags are snippets of code which call third-party servers, or even your own servers, to collect data from your website, which can also be used to add or change your website’s functionality.

The potential dangers here are that the code you pull from these third parties are subject to change and you may not be notified. These can result in ‘data leakage’ as customers input their personal or financial data which is then stolen by the malicious parties - all while the website owner is unaware of the breach. Customers can also be redirected to malicious content due to script changes, again without you being aware of the problem.

Website security and privacy compliance

Website Security (MarSec™ platform) provides protection for your website and technology supply chain, ensuring your website is secure and adheres to global compliance regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Malicious code introduced to your site. Injections include Mitb (Man-in the- browser) and XML injections
Attacks carried out by modifying the DOM environment in your site’s browser

Protect against form fill data theft and chat boxes

Form fills, also known as formjacking, is a particularly malicious form of data-theft in that it allows the website to function normally, often with neither the user nor the exposed website aware of the attack. This can result in a huge amount of records – including payment information, email addresses, names and addresses – being exposed before there is realization of a problem.

Formjacking can occur as malicious code, which has access to a website’s front end, is able to side-step many common website security solutions and features.

Website Security (MarSec™) offers mitigation against this by allowing control over third-party JavaScript that is given permission to operate within the user’s browser. This allows enterprise brands to extend data security and protection to their website visitors, without impacting the customer experience.


How we protect your website from a data breach

Data leak prevention

Our marketing security platform inspects the onward content contained within Javascript requests

Third-party technology control

Allow only approved vendors to operate in an easy-to-deploy manner as well as manage and update policies in real time

Client-side security control

We focus on extending protection beyond your company network to vulnerable areas rarely considered

1-2-1 cookie consent management tool

Through our unique allowlist capability, we provide the option to present this to your visitors as a cookie consent tool

Does my website need marketing security?

  • Do you know who is responsible for website security in your organization?
  • Do you know how many third-party technologies you have on your website? And do you know exactly what they do?
  • Are there any security checks in place to ensure third-party technologies don’t capture or pass on sensitive information?

If you are unsure, our Website Security platform (MarSec™) can help secure your website security solutions. With increasingly tight regulations surrounding customer data security systems, digital security should be a priority for every business.

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