Ensighten Visual Tagger

Build your data layer and manage vendor tags within minutes

Manage vendor tag deployments as well as key business and customer data. Included with Ensighten ETMS, Ensighten Visual Tagger is a visual tagging solution marketers can implement on site. No waiting for IT development cycles.

Visually manage website data and marketing tags

Retain better control over your tag deployments by conditionally loading and enriching them with centralized data. Marketers use Ensighten Visual Tagger to develop the Ensighten Data Layer, which aggregates website data from browser cookies, JavaScript, page content, events and more.

Eliminate Data Silos

Enhance your testing and content targeting solution

Easily define targeting boxes, select page elements for testing, and leverage the data layer to refine your segmentation for targeting.

Enhance your testing and content targeting solution

Dynamically inject website content

Push text and code snippets into page containers without site re-coding or a separate personalization solution.

Content Injunction - Enrich 1:1 Marketing with Omni-Channel Data with Ensighten Data Layers

Enhance your data layer with off-site and offline data sets

Ensighten Omni-Channel Data Collection & Profile Ownership customers can pull in off-site and offline data and manage it together with onsite data right on their website.

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