Ensighten Privacy

Real-Time Data Privacy Enforcement

Enhance your Enterprise Data Security, Privacy and Governance with Patented Customer Data Privacy Enforcement to comply with global regulations and site visitor preferences. Ensighten Privacy blocks unwanted website trackers from firing, ensuring full compliance with user preferences and privacy laws and policies.

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Improve Website Data Privacy & Safeguard Visitor Information
Privacy Gateway

Technology that's Privacy Conscious by Default

Deliver real-time whitelist control in the browser before other scripts can load, enforcing visitor data collection consent over all tags, not just those added via TMS. Develop categories of technology tags such as analytics, personalization, advertising, and more to simplify enforcement and improve customer experience.

Privacy Audits

Easily Assess Your Privacy Risk

Run advanced manual and automated website and domain privacy audits to review tags for privacy and security compliance, identify piggy backing tags, data vulnerabilities, industry affiliations, and opt-out availability.

Privacy Consent Interface

Personalized 1:1 Privacy Consent

Deliver consent overlays directly onto web pages that gives website visitors a positive experience with respect to consent communications and simplified control over data collection by various marketing technologies.

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