Ensighten Pulse

Unlock the Value of Your First-Party Data

Provides marketers the ability to collect user-level and aggregated data from all channels. First-party ownership of the customer data in persistent profiles can be used in key partner technologies, action systems and other data systems for a number of applications.

Achieve 1:1 Marketing in Real Time Personalized Marketing with Ensighten Activate
Persistent Customer Profiles

Unify Siloed Data within Persistent Real-Time Profiles

Collect online and offline first party data and store in persistent profiles to enable segmentation, targeting and personalization. Gain complete ownership of your customer data that can be accessed in real-time and delivered to key action systems and marketing technologies.

Single Customer View

Gain a 360° Customer View

Collect data from your owned web properties, various marketing programs including display advertising, email, social media, mobile and even offsite channels and even backend systems including CRM, POS and more to have as complete a view of your customer and their journey as possible.

Cross-Channel Data Connectors

Cross-Channel Data Connectors

Collect aggregated customer data from various online and social channels to improve reporting and analysis. Leverage this data within existing reporting and analytics systems to enable customer segment discovery and to improve overall marketing program decision-making.

Omni-Channel Insight Action

Transform Omni-Channel Insights into Action

Leverage customer data based profiles for improved segmentation, targeting and analysis. Export key omni-channel customer data to marketing technology partners and channels to drive customer engagement and to existing analytics and BI systems to enhance the value and quality of analytics and reporting.

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