Customer Data Platform

A Single Source of First-Party Customer Data and Profiles to Power Your Marketing

Create a powerful network effect across your marketing technology stack that enables better insight and more personalized customer interactions

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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

How do marketers connect the dots between channels and devices to engage customers holistically? Diverse marketing technologies, fragmented data and the inability to take action pose stiff challenges to marketers who want to engage customers across every touch point.

Ensighten enables global brands to transform their digital business by fueling diverse marketing technology investments with first-party customer data and profiles. Our patented customer data platform (CDP), anchored by the industry’s leading enterprise tag management system, powers mission-critical use cases spanning real time omni-channel personalization, mobile experience optimization, improved ad effectiveness, 360-degree customer insight and more.

The Ensighten Customer Data Platform (CDP) delivers on seven core requirements for large organizations with diverse requirements:

First-Party Data Collection and Ownership

A customer data platform is driven by first party, real-time data owned by the brand across the digital and offline ecosystem. As a result, an enterprise tag management system is an essential foundation for the modern CDP because it fuels the ability to collect, manage, act and own data from a variety of sources, then integrate it into a customer data layer that creates definitions and rules essential to unifying multi-source intelligence.

Omni-Channel Data Collection

A Single Source of Truth

A CDP delivers a single source of truth about customers to guide marketing actions and generate revenue. The CDP collects and integrates data from digital channels, as well as offline systems, such as CRM, call center and point-of-sale activity. In doing so, it becomes a force multiplier with data to optimize key marketing applications and platforms, including personalization, attribution, analytics, advertising technology, and more.

Single Source of Truth

Holistic View of the Customer Journey

Because the CDP harvests and integrates data across the customer journey, it creates the foundation for true omni-channel marketing encompassing digital channels and devices, as well as traditional customer touch points such as TV advertising, call-center activity and in-store engagement. Data then becomes the foundation for customer profiles, stitched together to support marketing actions at the level of the user or individual shopper.

Attribution Insights

Real-Time Action and Decision-Making

Marketers and advertisers need to track customers as they click through digital channels, visit stores, make calls to call centers and otherwise engage brands. There is no substitute for the ability to make decisions – and ultimately drive action – to engage with customers across this ecosystem in real time, particularly as the number of touch points in this journey expands with proximity marketing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Customer Profile Management
Tag Integrations

Turnkey Vendor Integration

The power of the CDP is built on deep integration across the digital ecosystem, which is critical to deploying customer intelligence for use across the entire marketing technology stack. That’s why Ensighten has created more than 1,100 turnkey vendor tag integrations making it possible to integrate tools and data into the CDP fast and easily. That gives marketers the ability to use valuable first-party data in key activities, including audience building, marketing and advertising campaigns, personalization, retargeting and analytics.

Robust Privacy Solutions

Rapid growth of strict, global rules governing personal information about users puts privacy among the top priorities for digital marketers. Ensighten privacy capabilities give the CDP a powerful role in enabling both implicit and explicit user consent models governing data collection, whitelists and compliance with rules across jurisdictional borders as the enterprise does business around the world.

Robust Privacy Solutions

Enterprise Workflow

The CDP gives widely distributed, enterprise organizations the ability to manage workflow, as well as govern access and permissions to customer data based on roles and locations in the organization. The CDP also enables raw and aggregated data visualization and extraction. In addition, technical marketers benefit from robust, user-friendly workflow tools that accommodate multiple sources of data, including IoT and mobile devices.

Enterprise Workflow

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