Global Privacy Regulation and Compliance

Ensure compliance enforcement and data privacy with global regulation

Ensighten offers the leading client-side solution, enabling website compliance enforcement and data privacy. The introduction of new data privacy legislation continues to highlight the importance of ensuring that your customers’ personal data is safeguarded against misuse. Under legislations such as the CCPA/CPRA and GDPR, businesses are responsible for data leakage and are held liable in the form of lawsuits and sizeable fines. Ensighten provides the only solution that enforces consent choice and stops data breaches.


The CCPA/CPRA ensures that Californian consumers have control over their data and requires that organizations manage their data responsibly. Failing to do so or a data breach gives the consumer the right to enact legal action. Ensighten enables real-time website data privacy enforcement and data leakage prevention.



The GDPR was introduced to give protection and rights to individuals over their data whilst altering how businesses can handle this information. Failing to do so can lead to legal action and fines. Ensighten enables real-time website consent management and data leakage prevention to ensure you are fully compliant.


Data leakage

Under both the CCPA/CPRA and GDPR, businesses are responsible for data leakage in the form of fines and lawsuits. Ensighten’s client-side data leakage prevention solution is built with compliance in mind to prevent accidental exfiltration and mitigate malicious attack methods, such as online skimming and formjacking.


Compliance audit

Data privacy is something that no organization can ignore; global data privacy laws are forcing all businesses to change the way they collect, manage and use consumer data. Ensighten gives businesses the ability to enforce compliance in real time and ensures a full audit of compliance requests.