Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, you need to collect valuable data and insight through your website to create effective digital campaigns and personalize content to customers, while keeping your customers on site to convert into sales – without compromising the performance of your website or the user experience

The challenge

Data collection and insightful analysis
Collecting and interpreting data is key to personalizing your website visitors’ experience, ensuring loyalty and repeat business. But without an effective tool, how can you be sure that you are collecting data to gain actionable insights
Improving website performance
Website performance is critical and often the various web technologies running on your site can hinder this. Visitors will not hesitate to abandon their browsing session if a page is slow to load or they are frustrated by their experience
Competitor and malicious advertising
The increasing threat of customer journey hijacking and adware, where unauthorized ads divert visitors away from your website to your competitors, leads to lost customers and revenue
Customer data protection
Data is a valuable asset. The tracking and collection of this data is essential but also creates an opportunity for cybercriminals to target data input via your website in real time

Server-Side Tagging: Maximise page performance and data match rates

Ensighten’s next generation tag management, Server-Side Tagging solution (SST) improves page performance, data match rates and quality, along with data leak prevention capabilities.

The ability to take control of all your data across all third-party vendors and channels, enables you to generate deeper insights from a more complete dataset and maximizing your investment in your marketing platforms.

Discover how you can securely deploy tags to maximize page performance, improve the user experience and protect your customers’ data.

Ad injection prevention: Win back lost revenue

Ensighten’s ad injection and adware prevention solution detects and blocks unauthorized advertising injected into web visitor sessions, stopping your customers from being diverted to unauthorized pages and websites. 

Our ad injection prevention tool provides full visibility into any potential treats or hijacked sessions and can be easily integrated with your existing software toolset to winning back lost revenue.

Businesses’ main goal for digital marketing is to increase sales and revenue

Larger companies are more likely to use digital marketing to stand out from competitors, while smaller companies will more often use digital marketing to improve brand awareness.

83 percent

of businesses think their digital marketing efforts are effective in helping them achieve their goal

Increase customer experience and conversion rates

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