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Client-side website protection against malicious JavaScript injection and Magecart cybercrime to prevent data leakage

Whilst your internal systems and servers may be secure from malicious attack, your digital properties and website are often an area which can be overlooked. As marketing teams require more ability to gather valuable customer data and insight, the usage of third-party technologies on site will increase - thus, the risk of data leakage will rise. 

Cybercriminals are constantly developing more sophisticated methods to target areas of vulnerability. Magecart and other cybercrime groups continue to exploit trusted third-party suppliers operating on site to steal customer data; a method also known a digital payment skimming. This vulnerable area is often overlooked - there were over 300,000 Magecart data breaches in 2018 alone. 

In order to prevent a data breach, having the ability to block malicious code injection and monitor third-party vendors and the data they collect is essential. 

Understand where your website vulnerabilities lie

The ability to monitor and control third-party technologies will enable website protection against malicious JavaScript injection and ensure the safety of your customer data whilst still allowing Marketing to collect the data they require.

Prevent theft, disclosure or leakage of sensitive information to third parties
2018 saw the rise of hacking threat group Magecart, who successfully exploited data from over 300,000 websites
Block the change of website code without notification
If maliciously compromised, code can leverage your website visits to mine cryptocurrency or steal customer data
Prevent third-party code invoking additional JavaScript
Also known as piggybacking, this creates a potential data breach and aggravates various website security considerations

Solution: Website Security

Our website security solution (MarSec™) is deployed through a single line of code. Deploying our script at the top of your website page acts as an invisible JavaScript layer to your site, monitoring all script interactions and identifying and blocking those that are not authorized, malicious or non-compliant.

Real-time website monitoring
Monitoring of all network requests coming into the website or out of the website to detect potential malicious threats
Automated website privacy audit and alerts
Detect risks to your organization's privacy rules; website scanning will check for unapproved technologies that might have access to your customer data
Masking of sensitive data
Determine unique data patterns to prevent being exposed within the URL and avoid sensitive data from being passed to unauthorized third-party technologies
Allow and block third-party vendors
Define permissions of the appropriate third-party technologies you want to allow to receive data or block vendors from receiving specific types of data
Privacy gateways
Block unknown and unwanted website trackers, technologies and tags to prevent them from firing on site and collecting data
Blocking of unauthorized network calls
Block Magecart style attacks, CSS hacks and man-in-the-browser to protect end users and stop data breaches

Prevent Magecart attacks and JavaScript injection

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