Gain valuable customer insight whilst increasing conversion rates, without compromising website performance and security

In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, you need to provide the best online experience to attract and build long-term customer loyalty. This means offering a personalized, seamless experience for your customers

However, ecommerce websites face a host of challenges, from poor website performance to customer hijacking, adware and a wealth of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Maintaining and improving page performance

The choice of website technologies to track customer behaviour and enable website functionality is continually expanding. But, the more you implement these technologies, the greater the risk of affecting website performance and the customer journey.

Competitor and malicious advertising

Unauthorized advertisements are frequently used, causing a vast problem to ecommerce businesses. These ads divert visitors away from your website to your competitors, leading to lost revenue and customers.

Website data leakage through third-party technologies

Third-party scripts such as ads, analytics, trackers, chatbots and social media buttons can all be hijacked by cybercriminals; compromising customers’ personal data and putting your organization at risk. Hackers use these third parties to load malicious code into visitors’ web browsers with the aim of harvesting their payment data.


The Ensighten platform enables you to maximize website performance and gain valuable insights into your visitors while reducing the impact of ad injection, optimizing the user experience and increasing customer acquisition and revenue.

Ad Injection Prevention
Increase conversion rates and user experience through our ad injection prevention platform. The solution enables detection and blocking of unauthorized advertising injected into web visitor sessions, stopping your customers from being diverted to unauthorized pages and websites
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Server-Side Tagging
Our next generation tag management solution enables improved page performance, data match rates and quality, along with data leak prevention capabilities. Server-Side Tagging (SST) removes the client-side JavaScript code directly from the page meaning there is no need to use JavaScript tags, dramatically improving page loading times
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Marketing Security
Ensighten’s Marketing Security (MarSec™) solution protects your website against malicious JavaScript injection and unauthorized data collection through your third-party website technologies
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80 percent of organizations say their success as an ecommerce business depends on their ability to create compelling customer experiences

66 percent of customers are unlikely to shop or do business with a company that experiences a breach where their personal information is stolen

74 percent say shoppers will only wait 2-3 seconds for a page load before hitting the ‘back’ button and leaving to shop on another site

More than 20 retail sites had performance issues resulting in over $100 million in lost revenue during the 2018 holiday season