Malicious Ad Injection Prevention

Block unauthorized advertising on your website to increase conversion rates and optimize user experience

Ensighten offers the leading solution to detect and block unauthorized and maliciously injected ads and third-party software, ensuring your website is functioning to enable optimized conversion rates and user experience. There are many ways in which adverts can be injected into your website, displaying everything from competitive content to illicit or political material. It is estimated that up to a quarter of online visits are being affected, which impacts revenue and potentially alters the user journey.

Ad injection

Ad injection is a technique used by attackers to inject ads into web pages without gaining permission from the website owners, and can generate substantial revenue for the criminals. Our solution detects and blocks ad injection to ensure your online visitors stay on your website.


Ad malware

One of the biggest problems with ad malware is that organizations do not know that it is happening. Malware is usually injected after the web page has loaded and as such, shows no activity in web server logs or the like. The Ensighten solution prevents malware from being injected into a page.


Journey hijacking

Journey hijacking is the process of targeting your online visitors with unauthorized ads with the goal to divert them off your website. This can impact conversions, revenue and user experience. Ensighten blocks any unauthorized advertising or third parties on your website.


Protect online revenue

Advertising is a big revenue generator for organizations and criminals – even if you do not display ads on your site, it is still a target for ad injection. Ensighten’s technology blocks malicious ad injection through client-side network filtering to protect online revenue.