How to Simulate a Web Skimming Attack on Your Website

Web skimming is an attack method designed to steal user data by injecting malware into a web page, either directly or through one of many third-party JavaScript libraries which developers and marketers utilize. This means an attack can take place without hackers breaking into an organization’s web servers but instead by utilizing third party technologies present on the website.

With skimming incidents having increased dramatically over the past few years, this guide is designed to walk through the steps of simulating a basic web skimming attack to highlight the risk, but also ascertain whether your website may be vulnerable to such an attack.

Download our guide to learn:

  • How web skimming attacks take place
  • How you can simulate a web skimming attack on your website
  • How you can take back full control of your website supply chain to protect against data theft and leakage

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