Forrester: Shifting From Privacy Readiness To Sustained Compliance

Learn how evolving privacy regulations and enforcement actions are guiding businesses towards a new approach to compliance and governance.


The adoption of GDPR in 2016 was a turning point in the world of privacy. Since then, new privacy rules have emerged all over the world, such as California's CCPA and CPRA, Brazil’s LGPD, and Utah's UCPA. Other countries have updated their existing rules too, such as Japan, Thailand, and Canada.

Privacy also weighs heavily on consumers' minds: 62% of US and 55% of UK consumers say that how a company handles their personal information is important to their purchasing decisions.

In 2022, privacy regulation is a global trend, and most companies must comply with multiple privacy regulations at the same time. Savvy firms have moved beyond piecemeal compliance approaches and embraced a comprehensive privacy and data protection strategy that delivers not only compliance in an efficient and agile fashion but also achieves significant business benefits. Security, risk, and privacy pros should read this report to get up to speed with the most recent evolution of privacy requirements and enforcement trends and learn how their peers have shifted from adapting to individual privacy bills to establishing sustained compliance.

Download this report from Forrester to learn:

  • How GDPR enforcement actions are trending, and which fines are the highest
  • How to follow a four-step approach to achieve sustained compliance 
  • How to establish better governance for data protection 
  • How to approach third-party risk management

Forrester Report

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