Turning Possibilities Into Real Business Value

You've made significant investments in your marketing technology stack. Now learn from Ensighten Expert Services consultants how to gain the greatest possible value from those investments.

Expertise to Help You Optimize Marketing

With Ensighten’s Expert Services, realizing value from your marketing technology isn’t just wishful thinking. Our consultants take the guesswork out of implementing and optimizing those technologies for improved return on investment (ROI) – giving you the ability to use our open marketing platform to grow your business.

What we offer:

  • Analytics Solutions

  • Customer Success

  • Strategic Services
Analytics Solutions Group has provided us with a new level of competitive advantage as the industry has moved to rely even more on data to enhance the customer experience. The Analytics Solutions group’s expertise, experience, true partnership and guidance is essential in supporting our engagement with audiences across all platforms and has been essential in helping us achieve our key business objectives.
- Viacom
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Advanced Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience

Knowing that data holds the keys to marketing performance is one thing. Extracting meaning from that data and using it to drive real growth is another. Ensighten’s Analytics Solutions Group helps you transform data into actionable insight with data modeling, agile visualization, predictive analytics and more. Learn how to deliver the right offers, to the right people, using the best channels at the right time.

What we do:

  • Data Visualization

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Correlation Discovery

  • Attribution Modeling

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Data Mining
They really know their stuff and could answer all of our questions and took time with us to make sure we get it. I loved it. The training covered everything.
- Brooks Brothers
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Change the Way You Do Business

Gain the full power of your digital marketing ecosystem on an enterprise scale by leveraging technology assets and data to the fullest extent possible. Our Strategic Services consultants advise on the best strategies and optimal use of digital assets required to collect, analyze and act on data. Think of us as a best practice consultancy committed to your success. Your marketing department will never be the same.

What we do:

  • Data Intelligence

  • Experience Optimization

  • Digital Strategy

  • Marketing Operations
We are proud of the work we’ve been able to accomplish with Ensighten Strategic Services. Together, we’ve been able to manage and audit our tag deployments more smoothly and efficiently while at the same time enabling the balance between fast turnaround for marketer demand generation needs and the integrity of the site for engineering.
- Microsoft
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