How to Protect Your Website From a Digital Payment Card Skimming Attack

Controlling website vulnerabilities to protect your organization against data leakage and Magecart

Incidents of digital payment card skimming (DPCS) has exploding in recent years. While businesses are increasingly aware of the dangers associated with cyberattacks – most notably around data theft – they often look to shore up their network or servers as a priority.

This means that their website can get overlooked, despite it being a valuable source of personal customer data and home to a raft of third-party technologies. One method cybercriminals employ to steal customer data specifically hijacks these website technologies – and attacks of this sort are on the rise.

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  • The various ways online shopping puts pressure on website security and customer data
  • How to mitigate third-party risks
  • Ways to protect your website and customers' data from cyberthreat groups such as Magecart



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