Data Leakage Detection and Prevention

Detect and prevent malicious and accidental data leakage to ensure compliance in line with global data privacy legislation

Data leakage, whether accidental or malicious, is not only harmful to your brand, but can also bring serious compliance regulation concerns. Most organizations focus on securing data at the origin and overlook the fact that customer data is also vulnerable in the browser. 

Ensighten’s client-side security solution is built with compliance in mind, preventing accidental data leakage from the browser, mitigating malicious attacks and providing full visibility into data flow. 

Solution highlights

Network allowlist
Ensures that data transmission from the web page only happens to approved network destinations
Real-time analytics and reporting
Monitors all website network requests and provides visibility into data transmission, alerting you to potential issues
Performant and lightweight
SaaS-delivered technology from highly scalable cloud infrastructure protects your website while maintaining the very best user experience
Intelligent analysis
Identifies specific types of data, such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, and prevents transmission to unknown destinations
Compliance focused
Delivers security that is compliance focused, allowing organizations to demonstrate adequate protection against data loss
Comprehensive user interface
Allows easy configuration, rapid onboarding and low-maintenance protection

Comprehensive protection

While data leakage can be accidental, oftentimes it is also as a result of a malicious breach. Most organizations understand how to protect their origin but omit protection of their website as it is rendered in the browser. Our technology offers comprehensive protection from client-side website attacks, including:

JavaScript injection
Third-party vendor exploitation
CSS injection
Client-side keylogging
Web skimming
Tag piggybacking

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Other solutions

Client-side data leakage mitigation 
Prevents data leakage through malicious client-side code injection from rogue browser plugins or exploited third-party JS libraries 



Client-side network allowlist

Prevents data from being transmitted from a web page to remote locations other than those specifically defined in an allowlist 



Client-side data identification 

Detects and identifies specific sensitive data, such as social security numbers or credit card details, in real time as they are being entered into the web page and applies access controls 



Full event-loop reporting 
Provides comprehensive reporting regarding client-side attack protection, including attempted and mitigated attacks 



Simple setup and configuration  
Allows organizations to configure the solution simply by keeping configuration requirements to a minimum but still delivering a secure application 



Performant-focused solution 
Ensures that website performance is not affected by the implementation of an additional security layer 




Data leakage is a serious compliance concern

With reports showing that cybercrime cost businesses over $2 trillion in 2019, the reality of data leakage is something that cannot be ignored. The introduction of new and existing data privacy policies across the world is a clear warning that organizations are responsible for the protection of any sensitive data they collect on their customers.

Both the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) have stated that businesses who fail to protect their customers’ data from leakage will be held accountable in the form of fines and legal action. Failing to comply with the CCPA regulations can result in fines ranging from $2,500 to $7,500 for each violation, while fines can be as much as four percent of worldwide annual revenue for GDPR violations.

Mitigating data leakage

As organizations invest more into protecting their origin servers and data stores, criminals look for new avenues of attack and have invested significant efforts into attacking the browser over the past few years.

Ensighten is the only solution with technology specifically designed not only to prevent client-side data leakage, but to do so with both security and compliance in mind.

Prevent data leakage

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