Research: The Alarming Data Security Vulnerabilities Within Today's Enterprises

New Ensighten research shows that 83% of global organizations anticipate a potential data breach. Yet, two-thirds are not armed for prevention against this cyber threat

We live and operate in a customer-centric, privacy-aware world

The risks revealed by our discovery of this concerning approach to data security vulnerabilities cannot be allowed to persist, lest they threaten customer confidence and the future of global business as a whole. It is time for enterprises to move beyond broad awareness to establish executive alignment and take action with their website security measures.

Website data breaches are becoming a daily occurrence. Organizations are entrusted with millions of customer data points and are failing to protect consumers adequately with their data security measures, thus exposing personal information to cybercriminals. Our whitepaper looks into data security vulnerabilities, executive opinion on cybersecurity and how it relates to protecting customer data.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why customer data vulnerability concerns are high but policy implementation is lagging
  • Challenges organizations face preparing for compliance to CCPA
  • The cost of a single data breach, which dwarfs most companies' annual data security budgets



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