Using Marketing Agility to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Symantec’s IT ecosystem had grown so complex, it was difficult to perform testing and optimization in a timely manner, costing the marketing division opportunities to retarget across channels. With Ensighten, they can deploy campaigns with a single line of code.

"Ensighten helped us to turn our liability to be agile into a competitive advantage."

"Our marketing technology layer is just a single line of code. It looks simple but there’s a ton of cool customization to power the optimization behind it."

Leveraging a Single Marketing Stack to Take Real-Time Action

Using Ensighten, Symantec was able to create a single marketing stack consisting of different marketing capabilities like attribution, voice of customer, retargeting and display, Web analytics etc. Symantec used the Ensighten platform to integrate best of breed testing solutions for each of these marketing capabilities without worrying about custom integration, while being able to collect data, analyze and take actionable results.

United Airlines

"Ensighten gave United eight-digit ROI."

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"65 tags in less than one day with complete validation and QA."

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Nestle Purina

"Ensighten saved us 600 hours in SiteCatalyst implementation."

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