Boosting customer conversions with relevant retargeting

Seagate used Ensighten ETMS view-through capabilities to place ads on various display networks, creating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that boosted conversions.

"Ensighten tied in marketing activities to offline sales and account for more holistic ROI measurement and highlight cross-sell/up-sell opportunities."

"We know all of a user’s path, which we did not have visibility into before."

Tracking the customer journey through campaign attribution

Before Ensighten, campaign attribution was based on a visitor’s last touch point entry. Now, Seagate is able to follow the customer journey from website to other display networks by tying conversions to marketing campaigns.

Measuring online and offline campaign ROI

Seagate now tracks customers across multiple touch points, including offline sales to online product registrations. Campaign results are now more accurately tracked and reported through a streamlined process.

"If not for Ensighten, it would have taken us way longer than we ever anticipated to get results."

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"Ensighten gave United eight-digit ROI."

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Nestle Purina

"Ensighten saved us 600 hours in SiteCatalyst implementation."

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