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According to a recent NYOB study, over 90% of websites' consent management approaches are out of compliance with data protection regulations like the GDPR and CCPA.  Even companies that have purchased and deployed expensive consent management solutions can be at risk of fines because:


1.) Basic consent management platforms do not proactively enforce privacy laws

2.) Basic consent management platforms cannot prevent data exfiltration

3.) Basic consent management platforms rely on third-party integrations


Are You Compliant?

Despite attempts to comply with privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, many organizations fall short of these privacy and security standards. That’s because a majority of consent management tools do not address the three issues above. Use Ensighten’s web privacy and security assessment to discover whether or not your website is secure or vulnerable to regulatory penalties and fines.

Request a Consent Compliance Scorecard

Ensighten’s free Consent and Cookie Compliance Assessment is a no-cost hands-on way to find out possible compliance issues with your website. Submit a URL for review and our team will reach out to go through it with you.

Ensighten’s Compliance Scorecard evaluates against the three issues above including evaluating the given domain on the following:

  • First-party Cookies
  • Third-party Cookies
  • Third-party Requests
  • First- and Third-party Web Beacons
  • Security Transmission (SSL) quality

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