Enterprise Tag Management Leader Offers Point-and-click Integrations with More Than Half of the 1,876 Known Vendors Listed on chiefmartec.com’s 2015 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 12, 2015 – Ensighten, the leading global omni-channel data and tag management provider and company behind the Open Marketing Platform, today announced that it now offers turnkey tag management integrations with more than half of all existing digital marketing vendor technologies as defined by chiefmartec.com, with more technologies being added each week.

Ensighten’s turnkey vendor integrations, among the highest in the industry, are part of the app marketplace within Ensighten Manage, the market-leading enterprise tag management system. Select customers include global brands such as Microsoft, Capital One, United Airlines, T-Mobile and hundreds more. The vendor apps cover every major marketing category, from analytics and advertising to marketing automation and personalization. These seamless integrations make it easier than ever for marketers to deploy nearly any best-of-breed marketing technology, as well as incorporate rich customer data into unified customer profiles, and control how the applications interact with consumers based on specific rules and triggers. Ensighten customers are also using the company’s patented no-SDK mobile tagging platform to deploy and optimize these technologies across their mobile apps with ease.

Earlier this year, www.chiefmartec.com, a global authority on marketing technology trends, released its 2015 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic, which features 1,876 marketing technologies in 43 categories. The list, viewed as a benchmark within the industry, has grown steadily over the years, sending many companies in search of an enterprise tag management solution to help streamline vendor deployment and unify fragmented data sources to create a single customer view.

“Tag management is a powerful enabler of other marketing technologies, helping reduce deployment complexity and providing rich, first-party customer data back to the many applications across an organization’s marketing stack,” said Scott Brinker, who runs chiefmartec.com and is the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive. “I’m glad to see the commitment of TMS providers like Ensighten to making the broad marketing technology ecosystem more accessible and effective for marketers — driving better return on their investments and helping them deliver better customer experiences.”

Tag management systems (TMS) arose to solve the problem of quickly deploying the snippets of JavaScript code (“tags”) that most digital marketing vendors require. TMS help eliminate that challenge by centralizing tag deployments through a convenient web-based interface, as opposed to manual software coding from developers. Ensighten helped pioneer turnkey tag integrations by assimilating the tags and their implementation guides directly into its platform. This makes it easy for marketers to add, edit or remove any vendor tags in minutes compared to days, weeks or even months. Tag management systems also help centralize and unify disparate customer data sources through the “data layer,” an underlying structure that helps standardize data definitions across vendors.

“Ensighten is committed to providing seamless data connections with enterprises’ existing ecosystems, across web, mobile, advertising, social and offline platforms, so they can unleash the power of their customer data,” said Pelin Thorogood, Chief Strategy Officer at Ensighten. “We look forward to working with our technology partners to expand this enterprise marketing technology footprint and better serve customers.”

Here are the top 20 most deployed marketing vendor technologies as of October 2015, according to data collected from 172,613 deployments across Ensighten’s enterprise customer base.

  1. DoubleClick Floodlight
  2. Adobe Analytics
  3. Google Adwords
  4. WebTrends
  5. Google Analytics (Universal)
  6. Facebook Conversion Tracking
  7. Adobe AdLens
  8. Sizmek
  9. Google Analytics (Classic)
  10. Adobe Target
  11. Twitter AdConversions
  12. Facebook Custom Audiences
  13. IBM Digital Analytics
  14. Criteo
  15. QuantCast
  16. Unica NetInsight
  17. Atlas
  18. Media Math
  19. ClickTale
  20. Crazy Egg

To see a select list of vendor apps, please visit https://www.ensighten.com/partners/technology-partners/. To inquire about technology integrations and partnerships, please visit www.ensighten.com/partners/become-a-partner/.

About Ensighten
Ensighten, the global leader in omni-channel data and tag management, is changing the face of digital marketing by transforming the way enterprises collect, own and act on their customer data across all marketing channels and devices. The Ensighten Open Marketing Platform enables enterprises to achieve true one-to-one personalization, accelerate the execution and optimization of their marketing initiatives and deliver superior user experiences. Ensighten, with its unique hybrid-tagging™ technology, powers companies generating over $1.9 trillion in revenue in over 150 countries. The world’s leading brands (Microsoft, Capital One, United Airlines and T-Mobile) achieve marketing agility by implementing Ensighten’s single line of code. Ensighten is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, with offices in San Diego, London and Sydney. To learn more visit www.ensighten.com, and join the conversation on LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/ensighten and Twitter @ensighten.

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