Detect and Prevent Client-Side Website Attacks

Protect against existing and emerging cyberattack methods

Ensighten offers the leading client-side solution to prevent against a variety of attack methods. Our threat intelligence capabilities and dedicated resources monitor and detect existing and emerging methods to ensure your website and customer data is protected. As data privacy regulations continue to come into force globally and with legislations such as the CCPA and GDPR holding businesses accountable in the form of lawsuits and fines, protecting customer data against theft, loss and exfiltration must be a priority.

Threat intelligence

Threat intelligence underpins our comprehensive security platform, specifically focused on client-side attacks. The Ensighten cyber threat intelligence technology gives organizations the ability to enhance their security approach against not only current, but emerging threats.


Online skimming

Online skimming methods are a popular option for cybercriminals looking to steal data, and what makes these methods more dangerous is the ability to avoid detection. Our solution is constantly evolving to detect and prevent online skimming attacks.



Magecart attacks have grown in both volume and complexity, with attackers constantly adapting their methodologies by leveraging the complexity of the browser to find new ways to exfiltrate data. Ensighten enables full protection against Magecart attacks.



Formjacking is an online skimming method utilized to steal credit card data directly from payment forms. As with online skimming, Ensighten ensures these attack methods do not go undetected and enables full detection and prevention.


CSS injection

CSS files are generally considered safe by web developers and because of this, their usage for data exploitation is usually overlooked. Ensighten prevents malicious CSS files from exfiltrating sensitive data from the website.