The Secret to Mobile App Marketing Success? Agility Everywhere

January 19, 2015 - Ensighten

Native mobile applications are essential to any omni-channel marketing strategy. Native apps can uniquely deliver meaningful, connected experiences that drive engagement and conversion both in and outside the app, while increasing retention, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

Native apps are a blessing and a curse

According to Forrester, native mobile apps deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction compared to Web applications because they can be perfectly tailored to each device and the customer’s intent. But while Web applications are easier to build and change on the fly, native apps are notoriously non-agile. And when marketers want to extend technologies (analytics, personalization, etc.) to native mobile apps, the traditional approach relies on hard-coded SDKs, which are extremely non-agile. The SDK approach to digital marketing requires marketers to rely on an app developer to completely recompile of the app, resubmit the app to the app store, and then rely on customers to download the new version, which they rarely do. And this painstaking, months-long process has to be repeated for any tagging change. It’s like the early days of the Web, before tag management.

But regardless of long and slow development cycles, mobile apps are growing in importance. Gartner has stated that as the mobile market evolves into wearables, connected cars, automatic home appliances and more, native apps will be at the center of these experiences. The “internet of things” is here, and the native mobile app non-agility problem has never been more pressing. Brands who are able to solve this problem, and extend agility to marketers in native app environments, will leap ahead of competitors.

Indeed, today’s leaders in the omni-channel space are agile everywhere. And they’re using Ensighten Mobile to make it happen.


Vivint and Getty Images lead the way

Industry expert Rand Schulman recently interviewed Getty Images, Vivint, and other Ensighten customers to learn how enterprise brands are incorporating mobile app marketing into their omni-channel business. These companies and many other large brands are using Ensighten Mobile’s real-time, no-SDK approach to create and evolve their native mobile apps into key drivers of conversion, engagement, and revenue.

For example, Vivint is a leader in the connected home market. They deliver smart home security and management solutions to hundreds of thousands of customers by bringing together omni-channel data to drive interconnected experiences. Their business model is based on inter-connectedness between apps and everything else—and they cannot be held back by the inherent non-agility of native mobile apps. Ensighten helps Vivint stay continuously responsive to customer needs, letting data continuously improve their customers’ experiences everywhere they go.

Similarly, Getty Images is increasing investments in mobile apps, and this is core to their business strategy. Expanding from traditional Web-based marketing, Getty is leveraging their stunning images to create highly engaging experiences within apps, which will increase customer loyalty and retention rates.

In the interviews, Rand found common themes across all leaders who are investing in mobile apps and omni-channel experiences:

  • They are heavily investing in development of new mobile applications.
  • They have moved to a data-driven business model and are establishing data-driven processes across their organizations.
  • They are transforming and re-aligning their organizations to meet omni-channel demands.
  • Agility across channels is a top priority.

These case studies in full will be available in the coming weeks – so stay tuned!


Don’t be left behind

The constantly-connected consumer is here to stay, and brands with effective omni-channel marketing will lead the pack. If native mobile apps are essential to your business strategy (and if they’re not already, they will be soon), don’t go back to the pre-tag management dark ages in these environments. Stay agile, everywhere.

To learn more about Ensighten unique approach to real-time agility in mobile app environments, download our guide to mobile marketing.


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