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January 3, 2020 - Ensighten

Browser Injected Ads: How They Steal Your Customers

As consumers we have all experienced pop-up ads or banners while trying to browse the internet. They might urge us to click on them to secure a great deal on a product or service or tell us that we...
December 23, 2019 - Ensighten

Why You Need to Invest in Marketing Security in 2020

How investing in marketing security (MarSec™) can prevent a potentially catastrophic data breach
December 18, 2019 - Ensighten

Protecting Against Web Application Attacks

2019 has been the year of the web application attack. In the 18 months between January 2018 and June 2019, researchers have recorded more than four billion web application attacks. Cybercriminals use...
November 13, 2019 - Ensighten

What is Malvertising? How to Protect Your Website and Customers from Fake Ads

No website is immune to malvertising. Here we explain the scope of the problem and how you can fight back against cybercriminals using fake ads to infect customers with malware.
November 11, 2019 - Ensighten

Nevada’s Senate Bill 220: The Privacy Law That Didn’t Make the Headlines

What you need to know about the differences between the CCPA and Nevada SB 220 legislation, and how you can ensure compliance with global data privacy regulations.
November 9, 2019 - Ensighten

Cyber Monday is fast approaching but 30% of the traffic on a retail website may fall victim to customer journey hijacking. How can you prevent it?

Cyber Monday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. More than $7.8 billion was spent in 2018 on Cyber Monday.  When you add in the days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, that...