Optimising Digital Experiences: Recipes for Success

June 11, 2015 | by Priya Patel, Marketing Director, Ensighten priyapatel1
Customer Experience Optimization Report

EconsultancyIn a time when data offers marketers the power to optimise the customer experience across every platform, every channel and vastly improving marketing ROI, why are so many companies not utilising this power?

Delivering relevant and personalised experiences to customers requires the collection, consolidation and activation of data across channels, devices and marketing technologies. With marketing data typically isolated in dozens of siloes and standalone systems, marketing organisations face stiff challenges.

Ensighten commissioned a research paper from Econsultancy to discover the maturity level companies were at when using data and technology integration to drive experience optimisation initiatives.

The report revealed that companies are struggling to optimise customer experiences as they face challenges in collecting and making sense of the data.

85% of respondents are unable to extract the full value from data sources they have access to.
62% felt overwhelmed by data
51% of companies cite insufficient resources as a significant barrier

Using insights from this survey, Ensighten and Econsultancy have again partnered to develop a webinar designed to provide you with the recipes for successfully setting up the foundations to optimise digital experiences.

Join Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director at Econsultancy and Boaz, Ronkin, SVP of Product at Ensighten, on Wednesday 17th June for an in-depth live webinar discussing:

  • What data and marketing technology is needed to lay the foundation to support experience optimisation.
  • How marketers can effectively integrate data sets and orchestrate marketing support technologies for optimisation efforts.
  • Which principles and best practices should organisations follow to increase the success of such efforts.

Recommended Next Steps:

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