Multichannel Marketing Analytics Just Got More Reliable and Powerful

October 15, 2014 - Ensighten

When Simple Truths Inspire Industry Leading Solutions


The backdrop   

Modern marketers are playing offense, not defense. They’re chasing increases in revenue and market share. This demands marketing organizations aggressively seek optimal performance everywhere in pursuit of a competitive edge, including the deployment of best-of-breed solutions across the marketing technology landscape – analytics, optimization, personalization, retargeting, etc.

The promise of Marketing Cloud application suites (aggregated through un-integrated acquisitions by the largest enterprise software companies) has gone largely unfulfilled. So in which categories does it make sense to seek integrated solutions that optimize ROI and reduce time to value? One such domain is the cross-section of multi-channel analytics with the data sources that inform them. This is because the value of insights provided by analytics tools is limited by the quantity and quality of the data that populates the analysis.


The inspiration

Ensighten Anametrix Process FlowThat seemingly simple truth, that analysis is limited by the quality of the data, led to the marriage of Ensighten’s leading open marketing platform with Anametrix’s award-winning, multichannel analytics platform. Together we will provide marketers with the industry’s most comprehensive and granular view of their customers by combining their paid, owned and earned media with data from their internal systems and reference data providers.


What it means for you

The result of providing the industry’s most complete dataset is much richer insights, and the unique ability to close the loop by taking action in real-time across the entire customer journey.

The acquisition of Anametrix gives marketers the important integrated lever they’ve been asking for – to simplify and speed the value derived through multichannel analytics, producing results they can trust and act on.

Ensighten remains steadfastly dedicated to an open marketing platform, which supports all technologies and vendors. We will continue delivering true marketing agility by optimizing marketing technologies and customer experiences everywhere.

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