LiveRamp and Ensighten Partnership – An Open Platform with Easier Integrations

September 4, 2014 - Ensighten

This is what companies want

The best technology solutions—no matter who makes them—and easy integration with the rest of the ecosystem. But there's the rub. Integration can only be made easier if the solution offers an open platform, not a proprietary one.

This is a conversation I've had with customers throughout my career in sales and technology. Integrations are not trivial, especially for companies that need to create engaging customer journeys to attract, convert and retain customers. Marketers who can integrate and connect their data with their preferred set of tools will gain a huge competitive advantage.

Customers will always want to have best of breed solutions. Making it easier for them to deploy those tools into their enterprise, and then giving them a way to own their data, is key to helping marketers achieve their goals. Offering an open platform, in essence, means customers can leverage their data everywhere.

Ensighten Partners with LiveRampThat's why we are extremely excited about our new partnership with LiveRamp, the company that powers best-in-class data onboarding. This partnership builds on our promise to deliver an open platform, giving customers integrations with more than 100 third party solutions. By accessing what has historically been siloed data, and then creating first-party based, omni-channel customer segments, marketers can deliver a much more relevant customer experience.

Coupling this with Ensighten’s ability to deploy first-party data to every digital touch point empowers digital marketers to further expand personalization on a one-to-one level. That's at the heart of what Ensighten does for its customers.

We are excited to continue forging partnerships that help further our clients ability to be agile and allowing them to collect, own and act on their own data. For more on our partnership with LiveRamp, please view the interview with Ensighten CEO Josh Manion and LiveRamp CEO Auren Hoffman in AdExchanger.

If you’re in the Northwest, come hear about the benefits of the partnership from LiveRamp’s VP of Marketing during Ensighten’s Seattle City Tour.


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