Get a Sneak Peek of Ensighten Mobile's New Unified Interface

November 18, 2015 - Ensighten

Ensighten this week launched an all-new integrated platform for Ensighten Mobile, delivering many new features that simplify and support mobile app marketing.

The launch has been top of mind for me over these past weeks as I was on the road demoing the solution during our AGILITY City Tour, hearing first-hand from customers on how excited they were to reap value from the new platform. Mobile has moved from the fringes to the very center of consumer expectations, and these customers know it. Here’s a video of the demo we shared on these mobile marketing capabilities now brought together in one unified interface:



So why did we update Ensighten Mobile? Why now? Because mobile experiences matter. Forrester says that smartphones and tablets will deliver $252 billion in sales by 2020, up from $115 billion in 2015, and mobile banking is well on its way to replacing online banking. It’s up to brands to ensure they meet customer expectations and, in the process, ensure competitive advantage.

Ensighten Mobile helps marketers understand how consumers are engaging with their mobile apps, and gives marketers the power, outside the limits of app development cycles, to optimize users’ app experiences. Specifically, Ensighten Mobile gives marketers three key things:

  1. Provides out-of-the box mobile app lifecycle metrics – According to Forrester, over half of all brands aren’t doing any analytics tracking of mobile apps. Ensighten Mobile shows how users are interacting with your app and integrates this data with your analytics tool. One of the most exciting aspects of launching the new platform is that we now include mobile app lifecycle metrics as part of Ensighten’s tag management offering, unifying mobile app and web data. We believe collecting mobile app data should be marketing table stakes, and we are thrilled to provide basic lifecycle metrics to all Ensighten marketers at no additional charge.
  2. Extends tag management to native mobile app environments – With hundreds of mobile technologies available to marketers today, a unified tag management platform is essential for testing new tools and rolling them out quickly for all app users. The new platform makes it easy for marketers to give new app technologies a try.
  3. Gives marketers the power to perform real-time A/B and multivariate testing in native mobile apps – While tracking mobile apps is fundamental to mobile app marketing, optimizing app content is what moves the needle. Ensighten Mobile lets marketers gain quick wins by testing elements like copy, color, and graphics to learn what drives the most conversions and engagement.

While Ensighten Mobile itself has been around for a while (we have dozens of customers actively using Ensighten Mobile), the integrated platform is new and provides many new features that make it easier, simpler and faster to do mobile app marketing. For example, new persona-based workflows make it easy for business users to create new tags, and for technical users to more easily handle complex tasks that require their involvement.

Mobile app marketing is notorious for being overly complicated, requiring mobile app developers at every step, and for being slow due to reliance on the app store submission process. Well, no more. Ensighten Mobile’s no-SDK technology allows mobile marketers to operate without these constraints—collecting data, changing tagging, and performing app optimization all in real-time, without needing to pre-plan and over-tag for every possible scenario.


Here are four ways you can learn more

  • Read how home security and automation provider Vivint uses Ensighten Mobile to improve customer app experiences
  • Join our webinar with Forrester Research and the Mobile Marketing Association on Thursday to learn best practices in how to optimize mobile apps
  • Learn how Ensighten Mobile is driving value for Marriott International
  • Contact us to get a more in-depth demo and see how you can directly benefit from using Ensighten Mobile.