The Future Metrics of Success: Split Funnel Attribution

April 14, 2015 - Ensighten

Understanding attribution, the process of allocating credit to different advertisers within the customer path to purchase, is critical to understanding what events truly influence individuals to convert online. Yet, the attribution models most commonly used in digital marketing tend to incentivize the wrong behavior from vendors and lead to ineffective spending of precious ad dollars. Attribution models that only use last touch or measure from the conversion event encourage more lower-funnel tactics like retargeting that skew metrics, prevent marketers from finding new customers and are easily gamed. But there is hope for an evolution within the industry...

Today marks a fantastic milestone towards greater transparency and more effective attribution measurement in digital advertising. Ensighten, a global leader in omni-channel online marketing, is announcing the launch of Split Funnel Attribution measurement in their enterprise data and tag management platform. By leveraging the first site visit as the delineation point between upper funnel prospecting and lower funnel retargeting, Split Funnel Attribution helps advertisers get a more accurate view of which actions most positively impact their customers in the path to conversion.

This new approach to attribution was pioneered by Quantcast, a vocal supporter of increasing transparency and improving attribution measurement for many years now. We felt so compelled by the idea of how this would instantly make online advertising campaigns more effective that we decided to build a proof of concept product to prove it. In the fall of 2013 we launched our Split Funnel Attribution offering for display advertising and it has been a runaway success.

While Quantcast’s own attribution product has been extremely successful on its own, it was only designed to cover the display advertising channel and intentionally left out other marketing channels like search, affiliate, email, social and video. Now with our collaboration with Ensighten, advertisers can leverage the unique Split Funnel Attribution metrics and insights they have grown to love across all marketing channels.

Quantcast is very excited to partner with Ensighten around this new attribution methodology. We will be looking for advertisers who are eager to start using Ensighten’s Open Marketing Platform with Split Funnel Attribution. Please reach out to your Ensighten representative to inquire about opportunities to participate.


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